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Complete levels to unlocks cars in Earn to Die 2

If you are a fan of zombie games, the Earn to Die game series is a must-play game for you. The goal of the game is to escape from the zombies by running over them, or if you have a gun and ammos, shooting at them. In Earn to Die 2 Exodus, you play as one of the few survivors who need to get to the Exodus Military Base.

earntodie2-exodus (2)

The Exodus Military had announced that its last rescue plane will now leave for Refuge Harbor where a ship is waiting to depart. Your location is miles away from the base so you need a car to reach it. Unlike in the previous versions of earn To Die where you have to earn money to buy better vehicles, you simply have to finish the level to unlock the next vehicle in Earn to Die 2 Exodus.

Make boulders bounce back in Boulder Basher 2

Most tower defense game involves shooting or using weapons to retaliate or fight back. But what if you have nothing, can you still defend your place? Will you have the courage to fight back enemies more powerful than you are? Test your bravery in the game Boulder Basher 2. Your enemies in this game are giants and an evil wizard. Giants are throwing boulders to your village with the intention of destroying it.


The only retaliation you can make is to draw lines that will make the boulders bounce back to the giants. The lines you draw do not last long, so just draw lines as needed to deflect boulders. Take note that shorter lines make boulders bounce more. As you level up, giants will be attacking in groups. There is no way to deflect the evil wizard’s fireball. But you can aim to bounce the boulders to him.

Buckle up for safety in Angel Power Racing

Angel Power Racing is a racing computer game. Sit back and buckle up for your safety during the competition. But do not just go, you have to wait first for the green light to appear. Collect as many coins as you can. The more coins collected, the higher score you will get. Remember that you are running in a full speed gear, so watch out and be alert at all times because there are a lot of obstacles along your way to sabotage your ultimate goal.

Angel Power Racing (3)

This game is controlled with the arrow keys on your computer. Once you hit any of the obstacles, your life will be lessened too. Beware of the cars approaching along your way. If you have not noticed yet, all of them are running in the opposite direction from you; which would make you think that you are in a counter flow direction.

Head for the cliff fast in Poo Dumper

Poo Dumper is a funny transport game. You will play as a truck driver. Your job is to collect the giant’s poo with your dump truck. Your goal is to drive it all to the cliff and dump it off there. See to it that no poo gets out of you truck as you drive. The more poo that spill out, the lesser your score will be. You are under time pressure, so you will need to drive as fast as possible.

The lesser time you consume in reaching the cliff, the higher your score will be. Be attentive to the signs and warnings like where you should park your truck to collect poo, where you must slow down, where you should stop to dump it, and other cautions. There are eight levels where you will collect and dump off poo. As you level up, the road becomes bumpy and bumpier.

Poo Dumper (5)

Overcome the rapids and waves in Kayak King

If you love outdoors especially the water, then you should try Kayaking. There are two types of kayaking. The first one is with the calm or still water kayaking and the other one pertains to water rapids kayaking. For some people, they prefer the latter because it is more exciting and challenging. But if you are going for just calm and smooth waves, you can try the former. This page that you are currently scanning or skimming presents a great game about the mentioned water activity. The game is called Kayak King.

Kayak King (1)

One good thing about it is that most gamers or people who are not yet aware about kayaking can learn one or two by playing this game. You will be riding a kayak as the player in this game. You will have to reach the finish line which is quite tough since you will be dealing with water rapids that are strong and tough to control with. Control your kayak while avoiding rocks and big waves or rapids as you sail to the finish line safe and sound.

Kayak King (2)

Help the Red ball to the final flag

If you are looking for a game to be relieved from the stresses of life or simply to let time pass by, you will surely enjoy hours of playing the Red Ball game. Although it is an adventure strategy game, it would not require much thinking at all. You will simply guide the red ball as it journeys with the aim of reaching the final flag. There are twelve levels in this game.

Each level gets harder because of different obstacles along your way. Nothing to worry though, challenging as it may be, it is not impossibly hard. In addition to that, there is no life count. As you go on your journey, you will be passing some red flags which are checkpoints. That means you get to start from where you fall off. And if you will really need help, you can check walkthrough videos over the internet. Play Red Ball and exercise your hand skills.


Eliminate the enemies and infiltrate their territories in Duty Hill 2

If there is one type of game that players are continuously enjoying, it would be the shooting games. There are three reasons why. One is because they are exciting to watch and play. As we all know, shooting action thrills and excites players. Second reason is because of the fact that it is entertaining because of the aesthetic and great game proper and plays. Third is because it will challenge the gamers through obstacles and hinders as well as enemies. If you are looking for an exciting and thrilling game, you can rely with Duty Hill 2. Continue reading the entire article so that you will know more details about this game.

The story in this game is that all the enemies are coming toward your way to defeat and destroy you as well as your territory or base. You will be given different shooting weapons which you have to utilize. Shoot the enemies as many as you can in order to reach the exit points in each level. There are different territories that you will have to conquer and search as well as attackers to kill.


Overcome the challenging tracks in Super Mud Mania

Super Mad Mania is a great flash game about racing. It is created and developed by Xform and has been greatly servicing entertainment to gamers around the world since 2013. It is no surprise that one category of a game that has been very in demand is in the field of racing. There are two reasons why. First is because people are very passionate about vehicles and racing. Second is because of the adrenaline rush and excitement it brings to anyone who engages with it.

The situation in Super Mud Mania is that you are going to race with other opponents in different race tracks. The challenge is that most of them are muddy which is obviously a tougher path to overcome. Fortunately, there are upgrades and power ups available that can boost your performance. Make sure that you are quick and good at controlling your wheels. Go ahead and try this fun game now!

Super Mud Mania (1)

A sweet-filled compilation in Pinata Hunter Games

Are you familiar with a pinata? If yes, then you will surely love the game compilation that this article is presenting now. This is about Pinata Hunter Games. As mentioned earlier, this is about a compilation of games pertaining tothe editions belonging to the series called Pinata Hunter. But before we move on to further details, let us briefly talk about pinatas.

This is a usual treat in different feast and birthdays that most children are looking forward to see, play and collect. This is usually a big loot of candies that kids will have to hit so they will fell on the ground for collection. The games involved in Pinata Hunter Games are Pinata Hunter 1, Pinata Hunter 2, Pinata Hunter 3 and Pinata Hunter 4. The mission in each game is to hit the pinata and collect candies as many as you can. If you want some enrichment process about this, you can always visit the game’s blog anytime and anywhere.


Test your control and technique in Parking Perfection 4

Parking Perfection 4 is the fourth installment from the game series called Parking Perfection. From the title alone, you can definitely say or tell that it has something to do with parking. Before we move on to the details of the fourth serving, let us briefly talk about parking itself. Do you know how to park a vehicle? If your answer is a yes or a no, it is fine. Parking is a very important skill that an individual should know if he or she has a car or any type of vehicles. This skill lead to the organization of thousands of vehicles around the world or even millions. Without it, everything will be a mess.

Parking Perfection 4 (2)

Going back to the main topic, the goal of the players in Parking Perfection 4 is to park your vehicle on the designated area. But this is not an easy thing to do because the location of the parking lot is on a supermarket which means the place is crowded. Make sure that you steer the vehicle perfectly and without damages at all.