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Make boulders bounce back in Boulder Basher 2

August 3, 2016

Most tower defense game involves shooting or using weapons to retaliate or fight back. But what if you have nothing, can you still defend your place? Will you have the courage to fight back enemies more powerful than you are? Test your bravery in the game Boulder Basher 2. Your enemies in this game are giants and an evil wizard. Giants are throwing boulders to your village with the intention of destroying it.


The only retaliation you can make is to draw lines that will make the boulders bounce back to the giants. The lines you draw do not last long, so just draw lines as needed to deflect boulders. Take note that shorter lines make boulders bounce more. As you level up, giants will be attacking in groups. There is no way to deflect the evil wizard’s fireball. But you can aim to bounce the boulders to him.

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