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An interesting archery game with Bowman 4

Bowman is a game series that has been getting a lot of attention for the past few years because of two things or factors. First is because of the fact that it is about archery which most people nowadays love or like to engage with as a sport or as a recreational activity. Second is because of the evolving stories that players or gamers can really follow and get hooked on. This series has come up with its fourth installment in Bowman 4. This time, the player’s goal is to shoot an apple off of someone’s head.


The twist in this game is that you are trying to keep your virtual girlfriend safe and sound by avoiding or not hitting her head but the apple alone. The great challenge in this game is the distance that keeps on increasing farther and making it hard for the players to measure the right trajectory of the bow. Your girlfriend will be given 4 lives and if those 4 lives are gone, you will go back to the first level.

Avoid the opponent from winning in Linebacker

Linebacker is a flash game which is pretty similar with the game called Return Man. This is also about the sports of Football but the difference pertains to the game play. Football has become one of the most influential and popular sports in the entire world because of two reasons. First is because of the fact that it is amazing and exciting to watch and play. Second is because this is where team work and discipline can be improved or developed.


Going back to the main topic, Linebacker has a different gameplay compared to Return Man. The latter has an objective to score a touchdown which is mostly focused on offense. The former has the reverse objective. If you want to engage with this game, you should know what you are going to do. You will be a linebacker who must stop the opponents from making a touchdown. You have to be defensively focused and determined to win in this game. Run after the player who is attempting to make a touchdown and stop him. Finish it with a powerful offense for you to win.

Blast your enemy in Cosmic Warriors

Are you looking for something great and unique in the gaming world? If your answer is a yes, the you will surely be curious and interested in the topic that will be tackled in this article. This is about a flash game called Cosmic Warriors. If you read the title, you can sense that it has something to do with battling someone or something in the outer space. Action-packed games have gained huge popularity among gamers around the world because of two reasons. First is because of the action involved which are exciting and electrifying. Second is because of the involvement of offense and defense that can be positively used in real life depending on the situation. The mentioned game is created and is launched in 2004.

Cosmic Warriors (3)

The mission of the player who will be dealing with this game is to defeat the enemy by shooting it tremendously and strategically. There will be asteroids that will fly out which can a help or a hinder in your part. You just have to utilize them wisely.

An advanced game presented in Truck Loader 5

Truck Loader 5 is the fifth version or installment from the game series called Truck Loader. The series has come a long way because of the endless support and demand of players around the world. There are two reasons why gamers love this game and series so much. First is because of the interesting gameplay that challenges players in terms of their strategies and common sense. Second is because of the evolving story and graphics which make that game more entertaining and attractive.

Truck Loader 5 (3)

There are features that remain in the game such as the boxes, forklift truck and the big truck. The changes pertain to the setup of the platform which are now more complicated, crucial and confusing at certain levels. It will really test how witty or how the players think when the situation of the boxes is given. Will they stumble or accept the challenge? Will you? Try it here now!

Drive your bike with Four Wheel Fury

Four Wheel Fury is a racing game that has been offering tremendous entertainment to many gamers worldwide. Do you have an idea what is this game all about? If no, you will find certain details about it as you read the entirety of this article. There are two reasons why you will be hooked with this game. First is because of the involvement of a vehicle such as a bike which is the main tool for the race ahead. Second is because of the challenge that will be occurring as the player races with other opponents.


If you would like to engage with this game, you should be able to know the objective or goal that you have to do or perform. You will be a bike racer going into certain races. You will have to be tremendous in driving and racing process. You can pick up ribbons that can boost your scores.

Escape from the mansion in Covert Front II

Do you enjoy solving puzzles and mysteries? If you like escape games, try your luck in the Covert Front game series. The Intelligence Agency General Headquarters started to investigate because of the missing specialists from all over the world who attended a top-secret conference in Berlin. You are to play as Kara, an Intelligence spy. Your mission is to uncover the secrets of Physicist Karl von Toten.

Covert Front II

In Covert Front II: Station on the Horizon, you are in his mansion and you need to escape. Gather clues and look for items which you can use to progress in the game and eventually be successful in escaping. Playing Covert Front II needs great perseverance and patience for it is not that easy to find items and you will be going back and forth from the different parts of the mansion. It is a point-and-click puzzle game.

Choose your mode in Cactus Mccoy 5

If you enjoy adventure and action packed games, you should not miss playing Cactus McCoy game series. Cactus McCoy is a cursed treasure hunter who, behind what happened to him, never gave up hunting for treasures and mysterious artifacts. And now he is back in Cactus McCoy 5 to once again find the lost treasures and fight his way out from enemy zone. Like the previous episodes of Cactus McCoy, this sequel poses another new feature. It has three game modes: the Story Mode, the Time Mode and the Boss Fight Mode.

Each game mode has various challenges and goals. The Story Mode conveys the story of Cactus McCoy’s adventure. In the Time Mode, Cactus McCoy must finish the level within the specified time before he goes to the next. And in Boss Fight Mode, the bosses in the different levels and sequels of Cactus McCoy can be challenged. See more of the game in


Win cars and medals in Sunset Racer 2

Sunset Racer 2 is a racing game online and would be the most challenging race game to all racers. You will surely be entertained and satisfied once you play this game. Perhaps, you would end telling or recommending it to your friends. The game is controlled by the arrow keys to steer, accelerate and stop the car. Use ‘Shift’ button for handbrake and the spacebar if you want to change the view while in a race.

Sunset Racer 2 (2)

There are three exciting ways to play this race: laps, point to point or mission. It is a big challenge for you how to overcome obstacles on the road like foggy streets, heavy rain and traffic. Is your vision healthy enough to bring your car in full speed mode? Accept the challenge now and make your day with this amazing game. You will earn new cars and get some medals upon reaching the finish line.

Restaurant simulation game in Penguin Diner 2

Have you seen a penguin serving in a restaurant? If this is in a virtual world, then it is usual but in the real world, it is quite interesting. This article is intended to inform readers or people in general about a flash game called Penguin Diner 2. This is an example of a simulation game which is a type of virtual medium that has been getting a lot of appreciation from players around the world. There are two reasons why a simulation game is a hit in the online gaming world. First is because it is entertaining and exciting. Second is because it is educational and multipurpose. You can easily and freely discover this game here.

Games Like Penguin Diner

The mission of the player in this game is very simple. You will act as a penguin who owns a diner. You will serve and take orders from polar birds such as penguins. You will have to cater their orders successfully, correctly and quickly because if not, then they will get angry and you will lose certain earnings from your daily income.

Be guided by the Uphill Rush Walkthrough

If you like racing games, you will find that Uphill Rush is one of the famous racing games for having a variety of rides. It is not confined to car racing at all. What is more astonishing about the game series is, they offer unique ideas of racing rides. Another nice thing about this game is the diversity of difficulty aside of the easy, normal and hard modes of the games.
There are Cups that are hard to complete, but there are easy ones too. But you need not worry on the hard instances. If you really cannot do it by yourself, there is the Uphill Rush Walkthrough. Take a peek in the walkthrough to see how to surpass both time constraints and Race versions. You can also learn some techniques on how to win the race while collecting coins or earning stars.

Uphill Rush Walkthrough (2)